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Accommodation prices

Reservations are possible from a minimum of two nights. Please ask one night stay in advance to see if we can make an exception, depending on the circumstances.

The prices include VAT and tourist tax.

Of course you can pay in EUR also, the amount is calculated on the day of arrival at the OTP Bank's middle exchange rate (first line of the Euro, the second column, called "Közép"). We round up the Euro so that you can pay with paper money. When paying in Euro, we can guarantee a refund in HUF only.

1-2 pers/night
1-2 pers/week
3-4 pers/night
3-4 pers/week
All year round
26 000 HUF
170 000 HUF
35 000 HUF
230 000 HUF
Children under 3 years old all year round
50%/pers/night !
Pets all year round
0 € !
1-2 pers/night
All year round
26 000 HUF
1-2 pers/week
All year round
170 000 HUF
3-4 pers/night
All year round
35 000 HUF
3-4 pers/week
All year round
230 000 HUF
Children under 3 years old have 50%/pers/night discount !
Pets can stay for free!

Address of owner/guesthouse:

(on the same property)
Rákóczi utca 13.
8353 Vindornyalak
GPS : 46°53'15"N 17°11'33"E

Contact with the owner:

Igor László Jaczkovszky
+36 (70) 949 3915 (mobile phone)
e-mail via contact form or please ask by phone to avoid spam!


max. 30 Mb/s internet speed (watching videos is no problem either)

Operational data

Tax/VAT number: 55743259-1-40
National Tourist Information Center (NTAK) registration number – MA20003861
Guesthouse for 4 people
Individual with a tax number, private accommodation provider

Bank details

Bank account for HUF
Beneficiary : Jaczkovszky Igor László
Bank : OTP Bank Nyrt
Account number : 11773119-00627935
IBAN : HU95 1177 3119 0062 7935 0000 0000

Bank account for EUR
Beneficiary : Jaczkovszky Igor László
Bank : OTP Bank Nyrt
Account number : 11775111-36530883
IBAN : HU87 1177 5111 3653 0883 0000 0000


The prices can be found at the very beginning of this page.
Reservations are possible from a minimum of two nights. Please ask one night stay in advance to see if we can make an exception, depending on the circumstances.
The prices include VAT and tourist tax.
You can read more about payment in euros in the Payment options section below.

Direct booking process

  • If you are booking directly (not through an intermediary), you can send the reservation to us on the Reservation - Contact page.
  • Reservations are possible for any number of persons (max. 4) and nights (max. 90). Please note that in the case of 1 night, we may not be able to accept the reservation, especially during the high season and on holidays.
  • When making a reservation, you must provide the name and address (for invoicing), e-mail address (for sending the confirmation and e-invoice), phone number, of the person making the reservation, as well as the number of guests, arrival and departure days, approximate time of arrival, and a brief description of the pet(s) if any.
  • The reservation must be accepted and confirmed by the manager of the guesthouse.
  • Payment must be made no later than 24 hours after our booking confirmation.
  • Free cancellation can be made within 48 hours of booking. In the case of cancellation after 48 hours of the reservation, but 15 days (including) before arrival, 50% will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs less than 15 days before arrival, we cannot refund any amount.
  • By making the reservation, you confirm that you have read the description of the guesthouse presented in detail on the website and accept the conditions and policies described on this page (and/or sent by e-mail with the confirmation of the reservation), as well as those described on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) page !

Payment on arrival

Upon arrival, the guest must pay the remaining amount of the accommodation fee, if it has not yet been paid. Our guests can occupy the rooms only after payment of the full service price (money arrived on the bank account or taken over cash).

Payment options

In the case of a direct reservation (not through an agency), you can pay by bank transfer to one of the bank accounts mentioned in the Bank details section above.
If you want to pay in euros, the amount must be calculated using the OTP Bank "avarage" exchange rate of the reservation day (first row, second column - "közép"). We will calculate and indicate the total amount in our confirmation.
Important: for transfers in forints, look at the first bank details (forint account), for transfers in euros, look at the second bank details (foreign currency account)!
If you did not have a reservation, so you arrive directly at the guest house in the hope of a possible free place, you can pay in cash upon arrival.
When paying in cash in euros, we round up so that it is possible to pay with paper money (unfortunately, we cannot accept coins), and we can only guarantee the return amount in HUF.
For the moment, we cannot provide bank cards, checks or other payment methods.

Data management, invoicing

For a valid reservation, the phone number of the guest's contact person must be provided, which we will keep in case of any problems or important questions until the guest/guests leave.

Accommodation providers have an obligation to provide data to the Hungarian Tourist Agency. Upon arrival, the guest must hand over his personal documents (passport or identity card is also possible if he came from the European Union) to the accommodation provider for data collection (with a document reader from the Ministry of the Interior). You can read more about mandatory data provision on the website of Vizainfo.

If you do not want to hand over your documents to the owner of the accommodation, the guest is also entitled to record guest data in advance (even before arrival!). You can download/read the necessary procedure on the Vendégem application webpage in English.

Since the National Tax and Customs Office requires the service provider to be invoicing, and the mandatory element of the invoice is the name and address of the invoiced party, as well as its tax number if it is a company, and since the owner issues an electronic invoice, in order to fulfill this obligation we also need your address and e-mail address, even if the guest registers the guests in the My Guest program in advance (above mentioned self-register procedure). You can send the billing address via the contact form on the page of the Reservation - Contact.

The owner declares that he will not use the data of the guest/guests for any other purpose, only and exclusively for the above obligations, and the owner will not store the data in printed form. The data stored on the computer is stored until the possibility of a complaint expires.

If you refuse to provide the above account information in writing and/or to scan the documents according to one of the above options, the owner has the right to refuse the guest's stay at any time and can also refuse to pay back the accommodation fee if it has already been settled!

Check-in/check-out time

Our guest house is a family business, our working hours are varied, we mostly adjust them to the arrival time of our guests, so it is important to coordinate with each other.
The accommodation can be occupied between 15.00 and 21.00 on the day of arrival. If you arrive later, please inform us of your delay by phone! If you fail to do so, we may not be able to receive you immediately.
You must leave the accommodation the latest until 11.00 am on the day of departure, otherwise we will charge a surcharge. Please let us know what time you would like to leave the guest house at least the day before, so that we can arrive on time to collect the keys.

Visitors (not hotel guests)

can only be received at the accommodation during the day from 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with the permission of the host. The guest making the reservation assumes full responsibility for the visitors.


is forbidden inside, it is allowed only in the garden. It also applies to electronic cigarettes and IQOS! Please put the cigarette butts in the ashtray!

Any animal

may only stay in the accommodation area with the permission of the owner.


You are obliged to check that the needs of pets are fulfilled, and to collect the "byproduct" and store it in a separate bag near the bin, which the owner will put in the bin with the waste when leaving.

Open flames

Fires can only be made in the designated place (bacon grill), and candles can be used in their holder in the house, using all in compliance with the applicable fire safety rules! Make sure that the fire is not too big, which is dangerous because of the rich biomass in the environment! We provide our guests with firewood from broken and pruned branches.

Important: it is strictly forbidden to leave open flames (candles, barbecues in the garden, and any other open flame) alone in any area of the property, personal presence next to the flame is mandatory!


For keeping the normal utility bills (the gas supplier calculates a competitive market price, i.e. seven times the price above the consumption of a certain quantity, referring to the Russian-Ukrainian war) and in order not to have to increase the accommodation fee, during the heating season (October 15 - April 15) the guaranteed maximum temperature in the guest house is 20.5 degrees. Any kind of installation, assembly or adjustment of the gas boiler is strictly prohibited!


in order to increase your hygienic safety and comfort, we try to perform above the minimum. Please do not forget that guests may arrive a few hours after your departure. So that we can guarantee the same standard for them as for you, please pay attention to cleanliness. It is not a criterion, but we would appreciate it if you would take off your shoes at the entrance and use your own slippers in the house. This also ensures the comfort of the guest.


for our guests staying longer than a week, we provide one cleaning per week at a pre-arranged time. If required, our guests can request extra cleaning for an additional fee. Surcharge: HUF 3,000/occasion.

Free equipment provided on request

iron and ironing board, scissors and sewing kit.


since in addition to the guest house's 4,900 m2 garden, the owner also has to take care of another 2,000 m2 garden, the greater part of the area looks more like a natural field. Guests are free to pick fruits from the garden if they are visiting during the fruit season. Please take care of the health/good condition of the plants.


catering is not included in our services, but you can provide meals in the well-equipped kitchen. Ask the owner for addresses of grocery stores and restaurants, who will be happy to give you information! We provide two rolls of toilet paper, baby soap, as well as some sugar, salt, tea, coffee and a coffee filter, all for a few days, so that our guests arriving for a short time do not have to buy larger quantities unnecessarily.

Tourist information

the owner will be happy to provide information about local programs, attractions, public institutions (post office, hiking spots, beaches, pharmacy, etc.), please contact us! You will also find a few brochures in the guesthouse, in addition, please take a look at the Sights - Activities page.

Doctor's consulting room

The nearest doctor's consulting room is located in Zalaszántó, 3 km away, the address and consultation time can be found on the Vindornyalak website (ask us for help with the translation).

Important phone numbers

to call first in case of fire and serious accident, as well as in police case:

  • Ambulances 104
  • Fire department (disaster prevention) 105
  • Police 107
  • Emergency call center (single European number) 112

After calling any of the above numbers, please notify the owner at the phone number : +36 70 949 3915. Don't forget that if you make an irresponsible call, you will bear the consequences.


HUF 40,000 deposit to be paid upon arrival. If no damage occurs, the deposit is 100% refundable upon departure. If the keys are lost, HUF 20,000 will be deducted from the deposit for lock replacement.


the person causing the damage or her/his legal representative must compensate for the damage caused to the property.


the guests and their liability are not insured by any insurance company in the area of the property or outside it! The guest undertakes that if any accident happens to her/him during the service, she/he does not wish to make a claim for compensation.

We reserve the right

to select our clientele. We do not accept guests who are drunk or aggressive! The owner has the right to refuse accommodation if the guest does not follow the house rules and disturbs the peace. In this case, we are unable to reimburse the guest for any remaining days.

Guest complaint

We take any complaint into account and resolve it personally if possible. In such cases, please contact the manager/owner (contact details at the beginning above) 24 hours a day (between 00h00 – 08h00 only if it is very urgent).


the guest is responsible for his own and his pet's behavior both in the house and in the garden, and bears the consequences of any accident. By using the accommodation, it goes without saying that the guest has read, understood and accepted the rules. Not reading or not knowing the conditions/policies does not exempt you from the consequences!!!

If you are satisfied

with the accommodation's services, we would be happy to receive your evaluation on the website of the booking intermediary (Airbnb, Booking, Szállá, Vrbo) or on Google Maps.

We wish you a pleasant relaxation and a nice rest!